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Don't let lock issues give you a headache.

Follow these great locksmith tips and take control of your security.

Key change is very important

Keys age faster than door locks because they are left anywhere and thrown in pockets and bags. Key change will save you the trouble of dealing with worn keys, which possibly be the reason for your house lockout or won't rotate easily in the lock.

Make sure your car is secure

Locksmith Silverdale suggests never trusting anyone with your transponder key or leave it exposed in public places. Make sure your car is parked inside the garage and remove the ignition car key from the vehicle. Get duplicates in the case you are locked out.

Don't neglect securing every part of the house

The tiniest window and all secondary doors must be well locked and have excellent security locks. The smallest mistake in securing all entry points well might compromise security. Secure windows in all floors and remember that deadbolt installation is critical for all doors.

Avoid trusting kids with keys

Children won't pay the same attention to keys as adults even if they are old enough to understand their importance. So, avoid giving them keys unless it's necessary and especially do not give them the codes you use for electric security locks and alarm systems. If they are young enough, they might share this information with strangers.

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