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Here is an essential variety of solutions to your lock-related problems. We answer your questions and help you deal with problems. Find out what to do to avoid lockouts and why lock repair is crucial!

Is lock repair significant?

It's important to check the condition of the window and door locks often to avoid security issues. Lock repair will actually help you to maintain them in better condition for longer and prevent vital problems. You can have the full support of our Locksmith in Silverdale since we can tell you when locks need replacement and we can repair them.

How can I avoid locking myself in or out of the house?

It's best to carry your house keys in your pocket even if you step out for one minute. If you have kids and pets, keep the keys out of their reach. Hide a pair in your car or give one to the neighbor in case of a house lockout.

Is there a master key for all lock products?

No. Each master is designed to serve a specific number of keys. This is a security feature that is designed for your protection. You should always keep your keys safely and discreetly.

What are restricted keys?

A restricted key is one that a manufacturer has set up with a restricted level of distribution and sales. This type of key is protected by patent, which restricts other manufacturers from making any unauthorized production of the key. In most cases, a customer will be asked for a proof of ID before additional keys are cut.

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